Floyd & Polk Counties

Cave Spring-Lake Weiss

49.2 miles, 1423 ft, 4.9% max grade at mile 40.7, mostly flat.
A beautiful ride from Cave Springs, GA to Lake Weiss in Alabama. The flat terrain (except for the end) will be a welcome change for those accustomed to or tired of the hills in Northwest Georgia. This route is best done in spring and fall to avoid the many trucks with boat trailers during summer months. Park at Rolator Park in Cave Springs.

Coots-Kingston Metric

65.1 mi, 2816 ft, Max Grade 7.9% at mile 60.9, rolling.
From the Coots Lake Trailhead on the Silver Comet Trail, this route heads north from Polk County into the beautiful country roads of the Etowah River Valley in Bartow County. The quaint old town of Taylorsville, excellent views of the powerplant, covered bridge and a stop in the town of Kingston are features of this ride. Taylorsville Rd never disappoints.

Coppermine Loop #1

55.2 mi, 2748 ft, max grade 12.1% at mile 4.5, mountains
Starting at Coots Lake, this route hits hard right out of the gate with a vicious climb up Vinson Mountain Rd. Four smaller climbs are followed by a fast descent down Cobb Mountain beginning around mile 27. The descent hits -10% at times. The route then eases to rollers as it makes its way west and then north of Rockmart. Save a little something for the kicker on Knox Mountain Rd at the end. 

Coppermine Loop #2

57.1 mi, 2593ft, 7.9% max grade at mile 8.6, mountains.
Everette Mountain Rd., Vinson Mountain Rd., Mountain View Rd.... You get the idea. This is a challenging route over the ridges and climbs south of Rockmart. Starts in dowtown Rockmart. Where Coppermine #1 climbs Vinson Mountain out of the gate, this ride lets the rider warm up before climbing Everett Mountain. Rest stop at mile 29.5.

Rockmart 3 Mountain Metric

63.8 mi, 3506 ft, max grade 11.7% at mile 35.6, mountains
There are shorter rides with more vertical feet but this ride has three serious climbs making it more difficult in the real world than on paper. The route heads west from Rockmart on scenic and relatively flat roads for the first 22 miles. The first and shortest climb up Dugdown Mountain is followed by a breathtaking descent down Cobb Mountain at mile 28. The grade on the climb up Hightower Mountain exceeds 11% and the twisty descent down Everett Mountain is beautiful in the fall. The third and final climb up rugged Paris Mountain is rewarded with a spin through the Hav-No-Gotta Ranch and another fast descent down Vinson Mountain. The Silver Comet Trail should provide a welcome cooldown on the way back to Rockmart. Stores are somewhat scarce in this area of Georgia and the rider is encouraged to take advantage of what's available at mile 33.6, again at mile 62 if needed.

Rockmart-Eurahlee Powerplant

42.6 mi, 1801 ft, flat to rolling.
Through the beautitul Etowah River Valley, generally following the Eurahlee Creek from Rockmart as far as the Ethowah River at the covered bridge. You will ride right underneath the cooling towers of Plant Bowen, the largest power plant in the South and stop at the Eurahlee country store. Taylorsville Rd. along the Eurahlee Creek is a perennial cycling favorite. The first twelve miles are a little hilly, eventually giving way to gentle rollers on endless country roads and a finish on the Silver Comet Trail.

Rockmart-Five Forks

46.5mi, 1858 ft, max grade 5% at mile 41.5, flat to rolling
Starting in Rockmart Square, the route heads north and east(ish) via Aragon and Taylorsville Rd to the area around Euharlee, avoiding the powerplant in favor of a store stop at Five Forks (mile 19.5). Flat roads on the first half of the ride give way to rollers on the second half, especially around miles 25 and 36. Second store stop at mile 35.

Taylorsville-Cave Spring

57.0 mi, 2808 ft, max grade 6.2 at mile 26.2, hills
The tiny little hamlet of Taylorsville feels like something out of the 1920's. Just be careful where you park. North and then west over rolling hills, ridges and valleys, the ride heads toward Cave Spring where water pours out from under the mountain. South and then east on the return over roads with fun names such as Booger Hollow Rd and Santa Clause Rd. Store stop in Cave Spring at mile 27.6.