Routes on this page contain sections of gravel, dirt, fire roads or even relatively smooth singletrack.

2018 Southern Cross

2018 Southern Cross Alternate Rain Route

Braswell Mountain Gravel Metric

64.8 mi, 4265 ft, gravel/rolling with mountains.
A beautiful loop from Brookstone Village to Harmony Grove Church Rd and over the ridge into the Etowah River Valley via unpaved Lucas Ln. The whole Etowah river valley is before you from the top of the ridge with an excellent view of the power plant. Loop back past Coots Lake store (bail out via the trail) and Braswell Mountain. After the Coots Lake store stop the route is identical to the Braswell Mountain Metric on the Cobb County page. Store stops at 36, 46 and 56 miles.

The Great Cohutta-Big Frog Gravel Ride

80.1 mi, 9802 ft, gravel/mountains
This route circumnavigates the Cohutta Wilderness Area in North Georgia and the adjoining Big Frog Wilderness Area across the border in Tennessee. This is the most rugged area in North Georgia - true wilderness - and almost all of this ride is gravel. The route starts at Dally Gap on Forest Service Rd 22-2 but can be started anywhere on the loop as desired. Dally Gap is very remote and difficult to get to by car but it was chosen as the start/end point because it is the southern terminus of the Benton Mackaye Trail and leaving a car at the relatively busy trailhead is less of a security risk. The only opportunity for a store stop on this route is in the town of Cisco and starting in Dally Gap puts the stop almost exactly half way through the ride. You are going to need the store stop because the climb from Cisco to Lake Conasauga is over 3000 feet in 13.7 miles. This is a spectacular route and would make a great two day bike-camp trip. Note that the route sticks to the outside of the wilderness areas as wheeled vehicles of any kind, including bicycles, are not allowed in the wilderness area itself. Be sure to leave a detailed trip plan with someone expecting your return since cell service is unpredictable in this mountainous area.  

Note 2/12/17: "Spoonrobot" from Atlanta reports that he rode this during the summer of 2016 and said, "It was awful and amazing and life changingly hard." He spun out on the steepest sections with a 36f/32r gear and had to walk, not so much because of the grade but because of loose stones. He changed to a triple with a 22 ring and rode it fine. He reports that he got giardiasis from the water at the ranger station at Hwy 2 and Cowpen so please bring Aqua Mira to treat your water.

High Shoals Gravel Ride

47.2 mi, 3614 ft, max grade 8.5% at mile 31, gravel, hills/rolling
Starting at Tara Drummond trailhead on the Silver Comet Trail, this route heads north through Dallas toward North Paulding High School and then south again to the Willow Springs descent where it picks up the trail at Mt. Olivette Rd. Lots of kickers and climbs on this ride and some spectacular views. A few miles of gravel on Mt. Moriah Rd and lots more on Johnny Monk Rd. There is a out and back King of the Mountain spur from mile 31.6 to 34.8. Store stop at mile 26.4

Hulseytown Gravel

48.9mi, 3358 ft, max grade 9.9% at mile 35 , gravel/mountains
The first 15 miles of this ride follows the classic Hulseytown route from Tara Drummond Trailhead on the Silver Comet Trail to the store stop in Yorkville. From Yorkville the route heads north on gravel into the Paulding Wildlife Managment Area and then east toward Highway 61 for a store stop. This route is very scenic and remote with lots of elevation change and low traffic roads. 36% (17.5 miles) of this ride is gravel.

Mt. Moriah Middle of Nowhere Ride

48.0 mi, 3776 ft, max grade 12.4% at mile 17.4, gravel/rolling/hills 
Less than two miles of well groomed gravel mark this ride on some of the most overlooked roads in our area. Mt. Moriah Rd runs down a ridge with views on either side while rolling Racoon Creek, Tibbits and Narroway Church Roads are car free and twisty fun. 3700+ feet of elevation gain indicate the rolling nature of this ride. Gravel from mile 14.5 to 15.4 and again from mile 17 to 17.8 but so worth it. Store Stop at mile 28.1. Bonus points if you spot the bison around mile 19. A shorter (27 mile) version of this ride starting from North Paulding High School is below. 

Mt. Moriah Middle of Nowhere Reverse Route

48.2 mi, 3783 ft, max grade 10.5% at mile 17.2, gravel/rolling/hills
This is the same as the Mt. Moriah Middle of Nowhere Ride above but in reverse direction to take advantage of many long downhill sections. Store Stop at mile 19.8.

Modified Southern Cross
44.2 mi, 5203ft, max grade 13.4% at mile 9.3, gravel/mountains
Start at the Jake Mountain MTB trailhead off Nimblewell Church Rd in Dahlonega, GA. Does not include the singletrack section nor the ride on Hightower Church Rd. from the winery.

Paulding County Gravel #1

49.1 mi, 3774 ft, max grade 11% at mile 28.0 , gravel/rolling/mountains
 Starting at North Paulding High School, this route travels southwest, ascending Braswell Mountain and then turns south for a store stop in Yorkville. Huseytown Rd is traveled in opposite they typical direction but even so has an 11% hill at one point. McPherson Church, Johnny Monk and Mt. Moriah Roads all contain beautiful gravel sectors. Brushy Mountain Rd is spectacular.
Gravel sectors are:

    Paulding County Gravel #2

    40.8 mi, 2466 ft, max grade 9.3% at mile 24.9, gravel/rolling/mountains
    Starting at Rambo Trailhead on the Silver Comet Trail, this route heads north at McPherson Church Rd. and takes Jonny Monk Rd to beautiful Mt. Moraih Rd. The return south is very beautiful with a climb up Braswell Mountain Rd and the gravel sectors on Brushy Mountain Rd.

    Racoon Creek Gravel Ride

    52.2 mi, 3909 ft, max grade 9.8% at mile 18.2, gravel/rolling/very hilly
    The route begins in Brookstone but could be started anywhere along the loop. Seven Hills and Harmony Grove Church Rd descend to the edge of the Paulding Wildlife Management area for some truly spectacular paved and gravel roads. Return via the Silver Comet Trail eastbound and then Poplar Springs northbound. 5 miles gravel total shown in blue on the Ride with GPS map. Opportunities for store stops at miles 19.3, 31.6 and 40.4. Bring dog spray and please use it on the three black dogs on Racoon Creek Rd.