Cobb County

Acworth-Kennesaw Loop

24.3 mi, 1478 ft, max grade 7.2% at mile 17.2
West from Acworth to downtown Kennesaw via Old Stilesboro and Due West Rd. Return to Acworth via Old 41. This route goes right through downtown Kennesaw and passes Swift Cantrell park. Store stop at mile 17.4.


50.4 mi, 2921 ft, max grade 7.9% at mile 31.7
The classic route south from Brookstone to Hiram where the route picks up part of the Sky Loop listed on the Paulding County page. A twisty descent on Cole Lake Rd takes the route to the Silver Comet Trail for a breather (or a paceline) with the classic return to Brookstone on Mt Tabor Rd. Opportunities for store stops at miles 11.3, 24.2 and 41.5.

Acworth Night Ride

25.0 mi, 1537 ft, rolling
This is my own nighttime training route. Few cars on the road after 8:30 PM.

Acworth to Marietta Square and Back

32.7 mi, 1799 ft, 6.9% max grade at mile 31.5, rolling to hilly.
Starts in Brookstone Village but can easily be adapted for any nearby starting point. East toward Marietta via County Line Rd., Old Stilesboro Rd and Stilesboro Rd. Take the trail along Barret Parkway to Old 41 and then climb to Kennesaw Mountain and on to Marietta via Kennesaw St. The return avoids much of the trail on Barret Parkway by taking Collins Rd and Stanley Rd. This was originally laid out as a fixed-gear ride and avoided some of the larger hills on Stilesboro Rd in favor of the rollers on County Line Rd. and Old Stilesboro Rd.

Acworth to Paris Mountain

80.2 mi, 5082 ft, 9.7% max grade at mile 17.2, mountains
Starts in Brookstone Village and follows the Braswell Mountain Metric route down Harmony Grove Church Rd and over Braswell Mountain. Bale out ont the Silver Comet Trail at Coots lake if you don't want to head further west for the vicious climb up Paris Mountain. Return to Dallas via the Willow Springs descent.

Acworth to Vinson Mountain

74.8 miles, 4745 feet, 13.9% max grade at mile 38.2, mountains
Similar to the Parish Mountain ride above but climbs Vinson Mountain instead.

Acworth-Pumpkinvine #1

33.5 mi, 1476 ft, flat to rolling with a one or two steep climbs.
Starts at Kennworth Park in Acworth. Old 41, Sandtown Rd and 293 are followed northwest to the town of Emerson. Just past Emerson, the route follows Paga Mine Rd along the Etowah River into the floodplain of the Etowah River Valley. Bevil Ridge Rd is a nasty climb but rewards the rider with a twisty descent (limited visibility, stop sign at the end of the descent so use caution) and the beautiful country roads around Pumpkinvine Creek.

Acworth-Pumpkinvine #2

28.7 mi, 1494 ft, flat to rolling
Same start location as Acworth-Pumpkinvine #1 and similar route but avoids the climb over Bevil Ridge Rd. 

Braswell Mountain Metric

62.5 mi, 3751 ft, mountains, max grade 9.6% at 17.6 miles
This is one of my favorite local routes. West via Harmony Grove Church Rd to and then winding climbs and descents toward Braswell Mountain Rd. Return from Coots Lake via the Silver Comet Trail and then north to Acworth on the classic Poplar Springs route. Tibbits Rd and Burt Rd are particularly beautiful.

Brookstone Villiage to Buckhead One Way

30.4 mi, 2008 ft, rolling with some long hills. 
A one way route takes the rider from Brookstone Village through Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park, past the Cobb County Government complex to the Silver Comet Trail where it heads toward Atlanta. The route passes through Vinnings and takes West Paces Ferry Rd to Buckhead. This is the shortest route I could find to Atlanta while still maintaining reasonable safety. Reverse the route to get back but note that the route looses elevation to Atlanta and gains elevation coming back. Leave extra time and energy for the climbs on the return. 

Brookstone Village to the Silver Comet Trail #1

12.5 mi, 770 ft, rolling. 
County Line, Due West and Mt. Tabor Church Rd. to the Silver Comet Trail. Puts the rider on the trail 0.7 miles west of the Seaboard Ave trailhead (caboose) in Hiram. Reverse the route to get back or combine with Brookstone Village to Silver Comet Trail #2 below.  

Brookstone Village to Silver Comet Trail #2

11.9 mi, 803 ft, 6.2% max grade at mile 8.4, rolling.  
The shortest route route possible from Brookstone to the Silver Comet Trail. There is a new ramp from the sidewalk to the trail just past the Racetrack gas station on Bill Carruth Parkway. This will place you on the trail just a few tenths of a mile on either side of the Florence Rd or Seaboard Ave trailheads. Reverse the route to get back.

County Farm Ride #1

37.9 mi, 2311, hills
Starting in Brookstone Village, this route takes the rider west and then south through the rolling Seven Hills/Cedarcrest area to Ivey Gullege Rd and long, fast descent on Old County Farm Rd from which the route takes its name. There is a store stop in Dallas at mile 18 and then the route picks up the Silver Comet Trail at Tara Drummond Park east to Hiram with an opportunity for another store stop at mile 26.2. A newly built ramp at Bill Carruth Parkway take the rider to rolling Poplar Spings for the return north.

County Farm Ride #2

43.5 mi, 2552 ft, max grade 7.7% at mile 3.5
This is a clockwise loop from Brookstone to the Hiram via Burt Hickory and some of the rollers on extremely nice roads south of Dallas Highway - Casteel, Mayes, Midway, Bullard to name a few. The return north includes the climb up County Farm Rd but omits the traffic around Seven Hills, opting for Due West Rd which is actually very quiet west of highway 92. The counter-clockwise loops using some of these same roads have long descents while this route climbs those same roads in the opposite direction. Opportunities for store stops at miles 4.5, 18.1, 26.2 and 32.0. U

Fixed-Gear Ride #1

13.6 mi, 677 ft
Call this ride whatever you want - the name I chose tells you how I ride it.  Lunchtime workout or morning ride to Art's Bagels. You can go to NYC or even to Israel but you aren't going to find a better bagel anywhere. Brookstone to Hwy 41/Walmart(ish) via County Line and Mars Hill Church Rd.

Fixed-Gear Ride #2

15.5 mi, 788 ft
Slightly longer version of Fixed Gear Ride #1 above. Ragsdale Rd and Lake Acworth make the 0.2 mile jaunt on Highway 92 worth it. The roads work fine for geared bikes too!

Green Ridge Loop

29.5 mi, 1905 ft., 7.8% max grade at mile 21.7, rolling to mountains.
A loop from Brookstone Villiage, through downtown Acworth and the undulating climb up Green Ridge Rd to the top of Lead Mountain. The view from Dabbs Bridge Rd. is enjoyable but then comes a relentless climb up Harmony Grove Church Rd. Seven Hills Connector returns to Acworth. This ride is more difficult on the bike than on paper.

Hav-No-Gotta Metric

66.1 mi, 3874 ft, max grade 8.8% at mile 34, mountains
West from Brookstone via the most direct route to Rockmart. A beautiful spin through the Hav-No-Gotta Ranch is the reward for the blistering climb up Paris Mountain Road. Return to Acworth via the Willow Springs descent, Dallas and Ivey Gullege, Due West Rd.


80.5 mi, 5552 ft, max grade 10.2% at mile 17.2, mountains
This version of Have-No-Gotta descends first from Acworth to the Pumpkinvine Creek via Harmony Grove Church Rd. Avoiding highway 61 on local roads, it then climbs Braswell Mountain for a store stop at Coots Lake. The climb up Paris Mountain and the ride past Have-No-Gotta Ranch follow and then Hulseytown and Willow Springs in reverse to Dallas. Lots of rollers and a few smaller punchy climbs finish the ride on the way back to Acworth.


Hulseytown Metric

63.3 mi, 4006 ft, max grade 7.8% at 17.5 mi, mountains
West from Brookstone via rolling Ivey Gullege Rd and the Old County Farm Rd descent for the classic Willow Springs and Hulseytown climbs. Return from Dallas on the Silver Comet Trail and north to Acworth on rolling Poplar Springs Rd.

Mount Moriah Metric

62.8 mi, 3706 ft, max grade 8.5% at mile 17.3, mountains
Similar to the Braswell Mountain Metric above but opts for 0.9 miles of well groomed gravel for a payoff on beautiful Mt Moriah Road and the long descent on High Shoals and Racoon Creek roads.

Performance Bike Saturday Morning Intermediate

22.2 mi, 1181 ft, rolling.
One of several Saturday morning intermediate level rides from Performance Bike on Barrett Parkway near Town Center. Rest stop at Kennesaw Mountain with a loop through Kennesaw and KSU. 

Two County Metric

63.3 mi, 3816 ft, 8.0% max grade at mile 56.4, lots of hills
This is metric century on some of the nicest roads in West Cobb and East Paulding! Starting in Brookstone, the route takes Burnt Hickory with excellent views of Lost Mountain and then heads toward Hiram on some of the most beautiful roads in Cobb County. The section between mile 13 and mile 18 is almost perfectly flat. South of Hwy 278 the route follows the Sky Loop. At mile 41 the route begins a series of long long descents and challenging climbs with lots of rollers between. Almost 4000 ft of elevation gain make this ride a challenge so don't blow up early. You will pass through downtown Dallas with opportunities for store stops at miles 18, 32, 45 and 51.

West Cobb County Line #1

24.7 mi, 1549 ft, flat with kickers.
As good as it gets on Cobb County! This  route was originally mapped as a nighttime full-moon ride but is excellent for after work or lunchtime training. Straddles the Cobb-Paulding border first south from Acworth to Hiram and then returning north. The southern part of this ride is flat with lots of nasty kickers on the start and return.

West Cobb County Line #2

39.1 mi, 2373 ft, rolling with kickers
Sharing many of the same roads as County Line Ride #1 above but starts further north at Walmart on Cobb Parkway. South first on some of the nicest cycling roads in Cobb County, then north along the Cobb-Paulding border. Undulating Poplar Springs Rd is a challenge and the entire route has more elevation change than the map would suggest. Store stops at 10.8 and 18.4 miles. Bathroom and water at the Allatoona Creek Mountain Bike Park at mile 34.9.

West Cobb County Line #3

35.0 mi, 2381 ft, hills
Arguably the nicest of the County Line Rides, starting in Acworth this ride takes Seven Hills to Ivey Gullege and then south to the Silver Comet Trail on the Paulding side of the county line. North from the trail on the Cobb side. Store stop at miles 17 and 23.2.