Sosbee Cycling Park

Sosbee Cycling Park is located off I75 near White, Georgia, just north of Cartersville in Bartow County. Parking, changing rooms, compressed air, picnic tables and grilles - all at no cost through the generosity of the Sosbee family and supported by donations. 

Regular rides form every Wednesday and Saturday morning with several groups of various lengths and pace. Ride typically start at 8:00AM (ish) to beat the heat in the summer, 9:00AM (ish) in cooler weather. Come on out, introduce yourself and ask about getting on the mailing lists. 
It is not possible to list all the routes out of Sosebee. A good chunk is in the "other" section at the bottom of this page. Some of my personal favorites are below.


48.6 mi, 2008 ft, rolling
North from Sosbee to Adairsville for a store stop at mile 27.4. Enjoy the horse farms along Bozeman Rd.


43.6 mi, 1891 ft, flat to gently rolling
Starts at the Sosbee Cycling Park in White, Georgia and heads southwest to the Etowah River Valley with a store stop at mile 20.9. North to Kingston on rolling Hardin Bridge Rd and then back to Sosbee Cycling park via Shotgun Rd.


40.4 mi, 1978 ft, max grade 4.8% at 37.4 miles, flat to rolling
Starts at the Sosbee cycling Park in White Georgia and heads north to the town of Fairmount for a store stop at mile 27.4. 

Sosbee-Red Bud

42.4 mi, 1782 ft, max grade 5.6% at mile 5.8, rolling
Endless country roads in North Bartow County. North from Sosbee Cycling Park to the town of Red Bud for a store stop at mile 21.2.

Tractor Farm

63.5 mi, 2592 feet, max grade 5.6% at mile 19.5, rolling
Keep your eye out for the Zebras. Totally not kidding. This is my personal favorite.

Other Sosbee Rides

There are too many routes to review and the review for all of them would sound the same - endless rolling country roads. Below is a  list with and indication of the general direction of the ride. You can't go wrong with any of these routes. Those to the west tend to have a bit more climbing.