North Georgia Bicycle Routes

This is my own ever-growing collection of routes and cue sheets for Northwest Georgia and Atlanta area bike rides.

Routes on this site are generally grouped by the county in which the ride starts. Exceptions are made for start locations just inside one county but where most of the ride is in an adjacent or multiple counties. Some rides cover so much ground that it is impossible to say exactly where the ride is and with these I've done my best. Mixed paved/gravel routes have a dedicated page.

Please don't be like the guy who emailed me saying that his uncle's brother's cousin's friend was furious because he downloaded a cue sheet from this website and got lost. To err is human and no promise is made that anything on this website is accurate. Tornadoes, 6% hills and completely random road name changes are a fact of life in Georgia so...

Use the routes on this website at your own risk!
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Remember to take the lane when you need it and give it back when you are done. I truly hope you enjoy the ride.

Pax viboscum.